Embarrassed in front of YOUR boss because of your cleaning provider?
Are they making YOU look bad?  

Do you feel like YOUR job is on the line if you can't get housekeeping under control?

What if YOU'RE the boss and your whole organization is hamstrung because of your staff having to clean up from the previous night's clean?

Do YOUR floors still have last week's hair in the corners??  Did it make you sick thinking about it?  How many people does that hair belong to anyway?? 

If this sounds like you, let us schedule a FREE CLEAN!!

You're probably thinking...what if they suck...eh, that's okay; it was free...unless they rob the joint...you're not going to rob the joint are you?

Oh wait!  What if they do an amazing job!  That disgusting hair is gone and it doesn't cost me anything!  Our customers are happy for a day!  Well that can't be too bad.

I'm not stupid...Maybe is should click...I don't know it's the internet, it's scary...I"m gonna try it!

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